The Greatest Principle

I finished listening to The Greatest Principle by Dr. Alex Loyd tonight.  It sort of turns everything you usually hear about goal setting on its head.

It’s certainly given me a lot to think about.  I really like this approach, and it makes a lot of sense to me.

There are two DVDs with The Greatest Principle in the World That Almost Nobody Knows.  In the first Dr. Loyd talks about the value of setting goals.  However, he differentiates between desires and goals.  A desire is something you’d like, but that you really don’t have any control over whether or not you will get it.  

On the other hand, a goal should be something that you DO have 100% control over.  For instance, he gives one example as a guy who wanted to start a business and one of his goals was to go to the bank to apply for a loan, NOT to “get a loan”.  Since he doesn’t have 100% control over whether he’d get a loan or not, that shouldn’t be his goal.

But he CAN control whether or not he goes to the bank and applies for a loan, so that’s his goal.

The first part of The Greatest Principle also explains “Tru-Luv Living.”  There are three factors to this, and are probably the reason that this is called “The Greatest Principle that Almost Nobody Knows.”  Why?  Because instead of focusing on the goal YOU want, and that’s the end of it, you are supposed to filter your goals through these three factors:

  1. Truth,
  2. Love, and if the goal is
  3. 100% under your control.

The DVDs and manual flesh this out so it’s easier to understand why this is so important, and how it works.  The manual also includes goal worksheets to help you work out what your goals should be, and if they meet the criteria of the three factors mentioned above.

The second part of The Greatest Principle expands on goal setting.  Here again this is the opposite of what most programs teach, because instead of creating stress by focusing on an external goal, you focus on an internal goal, which gives you the power to reach the external goal.

In simplistic terms, one example he gave was like you went to the grocery store to buy groceries without your wallet.  This is the same thing that happens when you try to reach an external goal without having your internal goals met.  You haven’t got your wallet, in other words you haven’t got the power needed, to buy that goal.

But if you DO focus on meeting your internal goals, that provides the power, and the external goals usually happen as a result.

What are internal goals?  Things like peace, joy, happiness, self-worth. . . without those things, getting an external goal is meaningless.

I think this is a very powerful program, and can be a real life changer.  I plan to implement Dr. Loyd’s suggestions, and change my viewpoint on how I set goals, and what’s important. I think this is a super addition to The Healing Codes program, and am glad I got it!  I think it is going to be well worth the money I spent for it.

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