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I’ve had several people ask me about The Healing Codes.  Questions like: Are The Healing Codes a scam?  What are they?  Do they work?  Are they are worth the money?  I decided to answer the questions all in one place and do a review on The Healing Codes.  Just keep in mind this is MY opinion, related to my experience and understanding of The Healing Codes.

What are The Healing Codes?

The Healing Codes are a form of energy medicine.  They work on four healing centers of the body.  You use your fingers to point at these energy centers, described as “pointing your fingers like little flashlights toward the healing center.”

I would guess they are called “codes” because there are set sequences.  You might point at healing center #1 with the fingers of both hands, then point to healing center #2 with your right hand and at the same time point at healing center #3 with your left hand.  Then you might point the fingers of both hands at healing center #4.  It varies.  Each code has its own unique sequence.

Update about The Healing Codes:

Just thought I’d add this video with a true life story about using The Healing Codes and what a difference they made.  I think it’s a good way to gain some understanding of The Healing Codes.

You can learn more about The Healing Codes at their website, and more of my review follows below. . .

How long does it take to do the codes?

These codes can have anywhere from one to eight steps, using your hands to point to specific centers in a certain sequence.  Generally speaking, you do one step for 30 seconds – that is, point your fingers at 1 or 2 specific healing centers, then move on to the next step, and keep rotating the sequence for 5 to 10 minutes.

Each area for healing usually has two sets of code sequences, so you would spend 10 to 20 minutes a session.  It is also generally recommended to do at least two sessions a day.

Note that there are no rigid rules as to the timing of the codes.  Each sequence has a recommended minimum time, but you can do them for as long as you want.

Are they hard to do?

No!  All you have to do is point the fingers of your hands to the specified area of your body.  The sequence for each code is printed out in both the manual and a little pocket guide.  To help with the timing, you can also get a little audio file from the members area that sounds a tone every 30 seconds to make it easier to know when to move to the next position.

Will the Healing Codes conflict with my religious beliefs?

Again, no.  Strictly speaking, the Healing Codes are not about religion, although they work on healing spiritual issues, healing the heart, and getting rid of stress.  It’s rooting the stress out of your life that allows your body to heal and get rid of physical issues.

That being said, I think people who believe in God have an advantage when using the Healing Codes.  It’s an energy medicine, but each session is preceded by a prayer or request, stating your intention in doing the codes.  You also focus on a “truth statement” while doing the codes.

So you can pray beforehand, then do the Healing Codes while focusing on a spiritual truth.   However, if you do not believe in God, you can also just form a “request” before starting the codes, and focus on any truth that is compatible with the issue you’re working on.

The manual includes several examples of focus statements for each set of healing codes.

Does it hurt to do the codes?

Absolutely not.  You may feel a tingling in your fingers when doing the codes, but The Healing Codes are completely non-invasive.  There are no shots, no IV’s, no chemicals being poured into your body.  There are no supplements to take every month.  There are no bad side effects.  You can use them on someone else without fear of hurting them.

There is one thing to consider, however.  With the healing of some health issues, there can be what is often called a “healing response.”  This is not specific to The Healing Codes.  It can happen with any kind of medical or healing therapy.

What happens is as the body heals, sometimes toxins are released from the cells.  The body has to clear out the garbage to get well, but when a bunch of toxins are dumped at once, it can temporarily make you feel worse.  Usually it manifests as an achy sort-of “getting the flu” kind of feeling.

Slowing down and doing the codes for shorter amounts of times can sometimes alleviate this, so not so many toxins are being released at once.  The problem will go away as the body heals and the toxins are cleared out of the system.


Do they work?  And how soon will I get well?

Dr. Loyd and other people promoting The Healing Codes claim the only way they won’t work is if you don’t use them.  Well, that’s the way with about any “therapy.”  If your doctor subscribes antibiotics for an infection, and you leave them in the bottle, that’s not going to help much, is it?

So for The Healing Codes to work, you have to do them.  Even if you don’t think they’re doing a blasted thing, you need to keep doing them.  Why?  Well, sometimes it takes a while for them to work.

Other times they work almost instantaneously.  I found big improvements in my chronic fatigue almost immediately after I first started using The Healing Codes.  However, it’s taking longer to get rid of the neuropathy problems I have.

One problem is our mindset.  If we take a pill and then we feel better, we almost always figure it was the pill that made us better.  But if we do The Healing Codes, I think we’re more inclined to be a bit skeptical and wonder if the energy medicine made us better, or it was just a coincidence.

Another problem is when the healing is more gradual, we tend to forget how bad we felt at the beginning.  For this reason I highly recommend that anyone doing The Healing Codes does a “system check” before they start.  Write down every physical and emotional symptom/problem you have.  Grade the severity on a scale of say 1 to 10, then date the document and tuck it away somewhere.

After a few weeks pull it out and check to see how things have changed.  I think you’ll be surprised to see how much your physical and emotional health has improved.

Can I do The Healing Codes for someone else?

As a matter of fact you can.  You can do them on other people, and even on animals.

One way is to sit a child or pet on your lap, then point your fingers at their healing centers in the correct sequences.

But I think it’s easier to just do the codes on yourself, after stating the intention of them being for another person, thus “gifting” the other person with the healing.  This also permits you to do The Healing Codes for someone who is not in your presence.  That in itself is a real gift, so you can use the codes for family and friends who are far away.


Why are The Healing Codes so expensive?

Well, that’s a pretty subjective question.  Let me give you an example of why I say that.

I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.  I started going to a clinic that specializes in those particular diagnoses.  Insurance will not pay for all the expenses there.  In just ONE visit to the clinic, I can easily have a bill for $500-$800 for the doctor’s visit, medications and IV therapy.

Now the thing is, ONE visit really doesn’t do that much good.  It takes repeated visits to make any impact on the problem.  So in just the last six months of 2009 I spent over $3,000 at the clinic, and that didn’t include traveling expenses to get there.  That’s quite a dent in the budget.

Now consider that is just for ME.  ONE person.  What if the rest of my family needed to go too?  What if I needed to spend thousands of dollars on every member of my family for healing?

A dented budget indeed.

Okay, let’s talk about the Healing Codes in contrast.  You pay for it once.  Just once.  And you can use it for absolutely EVERY problem you have, not just ONE problem.  You can fix an old problem.  You can work on any new problems that arise.  And you can use it for EVERY FAMILY MEMBER, not just one person.

You don’t have to pay a practitioner to do the codes on or for you.  You don’t have to buy a new version every month.  You don’t have to travel anywhere to get treatment.

So just what do you get?

  • A manual explaining the codes
  • A smaller pocket guide
  • A DVD about the codes
  • Access to the members section
  • An energy healing system you can use on every member of your family.

Also, you can listen to information on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday evening (these times may change of course).  You can “raise your hand” and ask for special codes at those times for special problems.  Most packages have sessions with a person especially trained in The Healing Codes to answer any questions and help you get the most from your purchase.   If those aren’t enough, you can get extra private coaching sessions for an extra fee.  I must say though that I found the training sessions to be very thorough.

Considering you can use these codes on yourself AND your family, for any problem you or anyone in your family has now and in the future.  .  . well, doesn’t that put the “expense” in perspective?  I sure can’t spend money on one clinic visit, or one hospital visit, or whatever, then get to go back to fix a different problem for me or any other member in my family without forking over a whole bunch MORE money!

So that’s why I say it’s a subjective question.  You have to put it in perspective, and the value for the money is enormous!

Everyone is different, so your results maybe different.  But although I am not an expert,  I can tell you one thing with certainty, I’m glad I bought The Healing Codes.

You can find out more about The Healing Codes by clicking on any of the banners or links in this article!

4 thoughts on “The Healing Codes Review”

  1. Marinella De Cotiis

    I bought the book , I love it . I am doing the Universal Code on myself and my son. Considering to buy the package. I just do not want to get cond I have enough financial problems. I want to help my son find his path in a job or carreer. Something is blocking him and I know for sure that the POWER of LOVE is the code. I need all the help I could get,especially if the healing code unblockes anything.

    Angels please send me a sign.

    With Love

  2. Lynnette Allen

    Thank you so much for this review. It is helpful to connect with someone about this. I got the book, The Healing Code, and I’m doing the universal one that is in the book. I’ve just received the book and two of my friends are using it now, that are dealing with serious illnesses so I haven’t read it all yet.
    Also I can’t afford to order it so I’m just listening to the interviews and everything I can find on the internet about the specifics of how to use them–the sequences. In one interview I heard, Dr Loyd gave the code sequence for thyroid problems. So I’ve been doing it too. So far, after doing these just a few times, I’ve noticed I’m sleeping better. I have sleep apnea so that is a big deal for me.
    Also I’ve overcome some depression related to loss of loss of income and also the seasonal depression I usually experience at this time of year has lightened. I’m going to keep doing the two codes I have, that’s for sure.
    Thanks again!

  3. anon

    good writeup – i’ve personally read the book, and think thats all you need under most cases. when you read the book, theres alot of “oh yeah of course, well that makes complete sense” throughout the whole thing – it puts “health” issues in a completely different perspective. im using it for my depression, seems to help so far. one point to note, the healing codes don’t cure the health issue you’re having directly – they cure the destructive cellular memories that ultimately attribute to the health issue at hand. i think its well worth trying – but just buy the book for starters so you understand how it works…!

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